What is Crypto Chronic? Where do I start? How do I sign up?

What's CryptoChronic?

CryptoChronic is a Digital Collectible based Virtual Game World inspired by Cannabis and built upon a Non Fungible Token, and its Decentralized Marketplace.

What's The Great Deal?

CryptoChronic utilises Multiple Platforms and User Interfaces, including Augmented Reality. We provide and preserve the user Value that is currently absent from other proposed solutions.

Let's Get Started!

Access our Market Place, Acquire your Chronics, and Breed them into an army of Minions ready for a battle to the last Token!

How to Start a Game With CryptoChronic?

"Two "CryptoChronic” can breed a new “CryptoChronic” offspring , with unique characteristics defined by a series of features. Some of them will be very rare, and very sought after. In fact, like in Mendelian Genetics, some traits are Dominant, showing up more frequently during the breeding process, and others are Recessive, and show up at a statistically low rate...

Start Here
A Computer Running Chrome Or Firefox
Install the extension and create a new account. Remember to save the passphrase
Click "Start Here" to begin signing up
Purchase some ether, and get to building your collection!

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